Lowell Ash & Colombian Walnut Stain Colors shown above


  1. Hidden Slide-Out Storage Drawers© add extra surface Areas for memorabilia

  2. Illuminated Enclosure© above urn position

  3. Expansive Urn Platform© designed to accommodate most size urns, from companion to small size urns

  4. Holding-Brackets© to accommodate most shapes & styles of urns

  5. Recessed Bottom© designed to cup most church trucks

  6. Reversible Urn Pad Area© for a variety of uses: felt Side or vinyl side for moist applications  (i.e. Urn Wreaths or Urn Blessings)

  7. Rotational Lock© no-hands aid for various display angles

  8. Urn Enclosure© can be removed to Rest a Children’s Casket Across Top

  9. Dimensions 66 in. L (handle end to handle end) x 28 in. W & 28 in. H (bottom to top of Urn Enclosure)(Approximate)

Please Note: Due to the nature of wood (color, grain & texture) and its availability, Memoriam Supply Company (MSC) can not guarantee consistency of its finished products and the stain colors used. Finished products will vary and the images are not representative of the actual product you may receive. MSC reserves the right to modify or substitute the offerings of this product and might also use substitute hardwoods (blends) to help create any of its finished products.

Urn Ark


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