Our History

Our Families Serving Yours Since 1973

We are a second generation family owned business dedicated to supplying the funeral professional of the funeral home, crematory and cemetery industries. The history of our company started with Michael Canzone, who was loved by and served the same clients since 1973. He was the market leader and trend setter with the worlds largest funeral supply company, formerly Superior International Corporation. Then later in his career, Michael merged his clientele with Advertising Sales Company, which is a long time affiliate of Memoriam Supply Company. He was known for introducing the latest sundries to the funeral industry for the past 40+ years in the business.

In an effort to enhance our customer experience, we have extensive resources that can source and offer thousands of various products including but not limited to urns, prayer and acknowledgement cards, register books, memorial jewelry, prep-room supplies, equipment, chapel furniture, chairs etc. We design and build the chapel furnishings in Northeast, Ohio. In addition, most of our marble urns are manufactured in the USA and are one of the first urns to be approved to go in the ground without an outer container by the Catholic Cemeteries.

Carrying on Michael’s mission, we will be dedicated to providing you with the best and most loyal service, personal communication, and USA made products wherever possible. Furthermore, we are loyal to our affiliates that we work closely with, in order to strengthen our brand and our customer service.

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