In Memoriam

In Loving Memory

Michael D. Canzone 2 (1)
Michael Canzone

1941 - 2018

Michael was a maverick in the sales world. He ate, slept, and breathed sales. Loved by and served the same clients since 1973. He was the market leader and trend setter with the worlds largest funeral supply company, formerly Superior International Corporation. After his legacy with Superior, Michael and all his clientele merged with our current affiliate company, Advertising Sales Company (ASC), where both Memoriam Supply Company and ASC serve the same clientele through various products.

Richard Eston (1)
Richard Eston

1935 - 2013

Richard was a true professional work horse responsible for managing the funeral supply company, Advertising Sales Company, which is family owned and operated. Richard was also entrenched in his local community from being a member of the auxiliary police force to the local softball team. His hard work, passion, and putting clients first are still carried out to this day.

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