Product Details:

  • Stainless steel chain offered in various lengths & styles

Please note: Memoriam Supply Company (MSC) does not warranty any precious metal (Silver or gold) products including coins and keychains against material defects (tarnishing, rust, scratches etc.). All memorial jewelry pricing, availability and physicality is subject to change and cannot be guaranteed to represent the items pictured. MSC will always strive to find similar substitutes should certain products become unavailable. MSC is not responsible for the quality and storage of any image provided to us.

Jewelry Chain Options


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  • Select your chain size and type (Box or Ball) below. Please note that all pendants come with an 18 inch Box chain. If you would like a different chain with your order, it must be purchased separately below. Substituting the standard 18 inch chain with a different size or type is currently unavailable.

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